Abby Dark-Star and Zen Dragon

Cosplay Duo

Keith and Abby, known as Zen Dragon and Abby Dark-Star, are a cosplay couple located in San Francisco.

They were brought together by their love of cosplay, community and all things geeky. Buoyed by a sense of humor, tenacity and a desire to make the imaginary reality, this husband and wife team has made it their mission to share the joys and rewards of cosplay with the world.

Their tutorials, convention appearances, livestreams and partnerships with prop-makers, studios, pro resources and artists give them a unique advantage in providing a solid foundation in the craft and community.

Abby Dark-Star
Abby is a New England-bred, southern-raised west coast girl. Raised on a steady diet of science-fiction, fantasy and comics by her dad, and an infusion of theater from her mom, Abby finds creative and professional inspiration from cosplay. Her career in digital and social media marketing has allowed her to work with companies like Ubisoft, Crystal Dynamics, Kotobukiya and Loot Crate.

Abby enjoys encouraging others to cosplay, and enabling them to join in all the fun.

Zen Dragon
Keith credits Raiders of the Lost Ark for inspiring him to put together his first costume. From that moment in 2000, he’s been dedicated to bringing to life his favorite characters. From Batman to Tony Stark to Deathstroke – and all in between – he strives to focus on the details that make these characters real.

With a background as a martial artist, photographer and charity work, costuming ins’t just about the costumes. It’s about the memories that are made while wearing them.

Keith credits cosplay – or costuming for the old school – for helping him meet and create lasting relationships across the globe.

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