Prism Comics

Comic creator Tara Madison Avery Tara Madison Avery published her first professional comics in 1990 in the now-defunct Lawrence, Kansas, music newspaper, The Note. Since then, she has created the cult-favorite Web comics Dirtheads and Gooch, and contributed stories to Astrokitty Comics Presents, Pocketbook Heroes, Death Saves, and the groundbreaking bi/pan/fluid comics anthology, Anything That Loves. Avery […]

Greg Land

Professional illustrator Greg Land has been a professional illustrator for 32 years – the past 20 of them as a comic book artist. He is a native of Terre Haute, and before graduating from Indiana State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree, he started his professional career in the screen print industry. After […]

Tony Kordos

Professional inker Tony Kordos is a professional inker best known for his work on Batman and Robin Eternal and Justice League: Darkseid War Special. Kordos currently is working on the new Cyborg Rebirth series for DC Comics. His work also has appeared in Predators for Dark Horse Comics, Eternal Descent for IDW and Legendary Card Game for Marvel and Upper […]

Freddie E. Williams II

Comic book writer and artist Freddie E. Williams II is best known for his work on DC Comics titles like Robin and also with Marvel’s Legendary Star-Lord. In 2005, Williams began work with DC Comics on the Eisner Award-winning series Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle. Williams signed an exclusive contract with DC in 2006, becoming a regular artist on Robin […]

Kyle Strahm

Artist and co-creator of Spread from Image Comics Kyle Strahm is a Kansas City-based comic book artist. His new book, Spread, became available from Image Comics in July 2014, one of the highlights of a career that has spanned since 2006 when he drew covers for the horror series Family Bones. Since then, Strahm has provided numerous covers, […]

Cullen Bunn

Writer for both creator-owned and mainstream superhero comics Cullen Bunn has gained acclaim as a writer for both creator-owned and mainstream superhero comics. As a longtime Planet Comicon guest, we’re eager to talk to him about The Sixth Gun, his new project Harrow County, and his work on series like Uncanny X-Men, Lobo and Sinestro. More about Cullen Bunn Cullen Bunn […]

Frank Tieri

Award-winning writer and creator working in comics, videogames, animation and television Although probably best known to comic book readers for his nearly three-year run on Wolverine, Frank Tieri also has worked on some of the biggest franchises in history like X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, Hulk, Punisher, Captain America, Thor and the Avengers for Marvel. And […]



Comic book artist for JSA, Atomika, Vampirella, Shi and more A very popular and sought-after commission artist among the art collectors and the comic book convention circuit, Buzz also is a multi-Emmy-winning commercial artist who has worked with CBS, Fox, the Los Angeles Lakers and the U.S. Marine Corps. Buzz currently is working with comic art legend Neal Adams […]


Neal Adams

Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams had legendary “runs” on Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Deadman. Adams rescued Batman from the campy television show and transformed him into his present “Avenger of the Night” persona. When people say “modern Batman,” they mean Neal Adams’ Batman. His run led directly to the realistic incarnation seen […]

Joel Adams

Television character designer Joel Adams, the eldest son of Neal Adams, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and after dabbling in comics, decided to make his career in the animation industry in Los Angeles. Adams was the character designed for the first three years of the legendary animated series King of the […]


Zoie Palmer

Star of Dark Matter and Lost Girl Not only has Zoie Palmer dazzled us with her work on Lost Girl, she also has made her mark in television movies like The Reagans as Patti Reagan, Out of the Ashes as Didi Goldstein, and Devil’s Perch as Abby. Palmer also popped up as Anya Vimer, a terrorist who tries to sabotage a […]


Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels

Hip-hop pioneer, comic book creator Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is a legendary musician who, for more than 30 years, has been an undeniable influence on pop culture. He remains at the forefront of hip-hop history as a founding member of Run DMC, and always has been an innovator. From being part of the first rap group […]