GoComics.com Creator Showcase

GoComics is stoked to announce its biggest creator event in the history of the known universe this April at Planet Comicon Kansas City.

On April 28-30 at Bartle Hall, fans can find 30 of their favorite GoComics creators and friends in one convenient continent of tables. There’ll be signings, a special panel, and more fun than you’re normally able to process without the aid of special fun-processing technology.

GoComics.com Creator ShowcaseSo who’s coming, exactly? You may want to sit down before you read this list:

Sarah Andersen – Sarah’s Scribbles

Bill Amend – FoxTrot

Stephan Pastis – Pearls Before Swine

Nick Seluk – The Awkward Yeti

Alex Norris – Dorris McComics

Chris Harding – We The Robots

Dave Mercier – MercWorks

Megan McKay – Doodle For Food

Chris Grady – Lunarbaboon

Shen T – Owlturd

Julia Kaye – Up and Out

Todd Clark – Lola

Brian Gordon – Fowl Language

Sara Zimmerman – Unearthed Comics

Maria Scrivan – Half Full

Olivia Walch – Imogen Quest

Enzo Comics  – Cheer Up Emo Kid

Hanna Pirita Lehkonen – Immortal Nerd

Dan Martin – Deathbulge

Jason Anarchy – Drinking Quest

Ben Zaehringer – Berkeley Mews

J.L. WestoverMr. Lovenstein

Kevin Kuramura – Pear-Shaped Comics

Laura Romagnoli – Average Adventures of an Average Girl

Patabot – BFGF Syndrome

Jane Zei – The Pigeon Gazette

Deya Muniz – Brutally Honest

David Daneman – The DaneMen

Aaron Lenk – Big Simple Comics

Jose Rojas – Button Mash Productions