Fan Groups

Many fan groups participate in Planet Comicon Kansas City. We will be listing many fan groups as they sign up to be a part of the show. Watch this space.


501st Legion

The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate.  The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work. horizons_color_wtext_flat1

Airship Horizons

Airship Horizons is a Steampunk Airship from reality ”Aether Skies.”  On the run from the Copperbolt Army, we travel across the Multiverse helping those in need and provisioning supplies for refugees from Copperbolt.  The Crew of the Horizons and its Sister Ship Airship Avenger is active in the Steampunk Community and offers a number of Panels and Workshops focused on introducing new people to Steampunk and building a positive community.

The Dark Empire

The Dark Empire

The purpose of The Dark Empire is to promote multi-generational fandom and appreciation of Star Wars through acts of charity and to encourage creative costuming as custom characters and canon characters representing the “dark side” of the Star Wars universe.  Creative writing is also encouraged, in the form of short fan-fiction which can be shared on our forums and submitted for narration consideration on our podcast.  The Dark Empire is, however, primarily a costuming organization devoted to celebrating the Star Wars saga.  We are not a role-playing site.

KC Cosplay and Photography logo

KC Cosplay and Photography

The Kansas City Cosplay and Photography group is a collection of local artists, craft workers, builders, models, photographers, and costumers. The KCCP seeks to promote the many talented individuals in the surrounding area by giving each one the opportunity to showcase incredible skills as well as participating in local events and giving back to the Kansas City community. Everyone can cosplay! Everyone can photograph! Everyone is welcome!


Kansas City R2 Builders Club

Founded in 1999 by Dave Everett, The R2 Builder's club is an internet fan based club with over 5000 members world-wide, using the web as a common means to gather information and share thoughts and ideas with one common goal:  to build their very own, life-sized, R-Series Astromech Droid.

Mandalorian Mercs

The Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club set the standards of Mandalorian costuming based on canon movie references (Boba and Jango Fett) as well as canonical comic-book references, book references, television shows and Computer games.  It lives up to its label as "The Elite Mandalorian Costuming Organization" by promoting the love of Star Wars, creation of quality costumes, and spirit of volunteerism.

Rebel Legion

The Rebel Legion

The Rebel Legion is a Star Wars based costuming fan club.  The Rebel Legion’s members create and wear costumes of the hero characters from the Star Wars saga, which includes but is not limited to the six films, comics, books, games, and television shows based on the Star Wars saga.  Since the Legion’s inception it has been a volunteer club of costume enthusiasts who can enjoy, express, and share their interest of costuming with others in the fan community.  The members of the Legion hold no rights to these characters and recognize it is a privilege to wear these costumes.  The Legion also acknowledges that while in costume we represent the characters of the Star Wars universe and as such accept the responsibility to behave professionally and civilly while in public.

sandtrooper_logo is a Star Wars Toys Collectors' website that stands unique as the pro-fan, anti-scalper unifier in the collecting community. Focusing on new action figure releases as they hit markets across the nation and worldwide, and delivering original entertainment in our articles, Sandtroopers is the collector's most valuable tool in getting the toys and fighting the scalpers.

Steamworks and Shadows logo

Steamworks & Shadows

Steamworks & Shadows is a steampunk media project that began in 2012 in central Missouri. A group of friends that loved to make steampunk costumes decided to create a larger story surrounding the characters they designed. Since their humble beginnings, the cast of Steamworks & Shadows have created a short web series on youtube. They continue to work on more steampunk media projects, sharing their passion of steampunk with everyone. Stop by their booth in the Cosplay area to chat about steampunk, see various props and costume pieces created by them, participate in our charity "jail n bail', and even get your photo with a life-sized Time Machine.

The Twelfth Fleet

The Twelfth Fleet, also known as Region Twelve, is one of many geographic regions around the world that make up STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association.  Twelfth Fleet consists of the STARFLEET members and local organizations (ships and shuttles) in the Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma Sectors.  Many of the Chapters in this region take part in monthly meetings to discuss chapter business, local news and events, and to plan for chapter activities.  Activities can include but are not limited to: movie nights, fundraising (both for the chapter and local charities), costuming, gaming, attending conventions, community development, and more.

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