Scott Snyder

Dark Knights: Metal, Batman, American Vampire, The Wake

Appearing all 3 days!

Welcome Scott Snyder to the guest list of Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018. Scott joins his fellow Dark Knights: Metal creators Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion. Mr. Snyder will appear in Planet Comicon Kansas City’s Artists Alley all three days!! PLEASE NOTE: Scott may arrive late on Friday afternoon and have time ONLY for the VIP M&G. He may not have the opportunity to sign autographs for general attendees on Friday. We will make additional announcements on his schedule as the show approaches.

We are offering a more private opportunity to meet Dark Nights Metal creators Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion with two VIP Meet & Greets. One on Friday afternoon, February 16 and one on Saturday afternoon February 17. These will include items exclusive to the M&G purchasers and some great savings for M&G purchasers (see below the cover image for details).

Dark Nights Metal #5 has 4 Planet Comicon Kansas City variant cover editions, including the rare Shadow variant (cover D), which is limited to only 250 copies. Covers A-C are all amazing wrap-around covers with art by Greg Capullo. Cover A is limited to 1250 copies, cover B to 1000 copies and cover C to 500 copies. The covers of all of the variant are shown below

These books will be available for purchase at the Planet Comicon KC Merch booth (Booth #1215), the Planet Comicon KC Dk Nights Metal sales booth (booth #319, across from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on the exhibit hall floor). Sets of covers A-C and individual copies of cover D will be available to Dark Nights Metal VIP M&G attendees at a reduced price (see below).

These books will be available for purchase at the Planet Comicon KC Merch booth (Booth #1215), the Planet Comicon KC Dk Nights Metal sales booth (booth #319, across from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on the exhibit hall floor). Sets of covers A-C and individual copies of cover D will be available to Dark Nights Metal VIP M&G attendees at a reduced price (see below).

Prices are as follows:
Variant Cover A – $17 (sales tax included)
Variant Cover B – $33 (sales tax included)
Variant Cover C – (available only with set purchase)
Set of Covers A-C – $110 (sales tax included)(Price for VIP M&G purchasers – $88 (sales tax included)
Scarce Shadow variant cover D – $320 (sales tax included) (price to VIP M&G purchasers – $275 (sales tax included)

The number of copies which a buyer may purchase may be limited. The number of books sold each day will be limited to ensure some copies of each cover are available each day

The first VIP Meet & Greet will be at 5:30 on Friday February 16. The second will be at 6:00 PM on Saturday February 17.

ORDER YOUR Dark Nights Metal: Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo/Jonathan Glapion VIP Meet and Greet Tickets here

Each VIP Meet and Greet includes the following:

1) A private panel of VIP M&G fans with guests of not more than one (1) hour, including a Q&A
2) Five autographs from each guest on fan provided items (total 15 autographs)
3) One Color Batman print with art by Greg Capullo (exclusive to VIP M&G purchasers)
4) One B&W Batman print with pencils by Greg Capullo and inks by Jonathan Glapion (exclusive to VIP M&G purchasers)
5) One Planet Comicon Kansas City variant cover A edition of Dark Nights Metal #5 comic book
6) The Ultimate Selfie: a picture with VIP M&G fan’s camera of fan with Snyder/Capullo/Glapion
7) A collectible badge and lanyard
8) Each guest will sign the two prints and the variant cover comic book. These autographs will NOT count toward the five (5) autographs listed in item (2), above. So you get a total of EIGHT autographs from each guest with this VIP package.

SAVINGS: Each of these creators offers 3 free autographs per day during their general show signing sessions on the exhibit hall floor, with a $5 fee for each autograph after the third autograph. M&G VIPs save $25 PER CREATOR on these 8 autographs, as this is the price of having eight items signed by one creator at general show signings, for a total savings of $75.

9) CGC Signature Series Option Each M&G VIP may, if they wish, have their five fan provided items (if SS gradeable), plus the variant cover comic book included with this package, autographed for CGC Signature Series grading with no additional autograph fee.

SAVINGS: Witnessing of autographs from these creators is available at the VIP sessions and at the signings on the show floor. For all three creators, the fee on the show floor to have a book autographed for CGC Signature Series grading is $15 per autograph and this begins with the first book. There are NO free autographs for graded items at the general signings on the exhibit hall floor. If you have all have all 5 of your fan provided items, plus your variant cover book, SS autographed you can save up to $90 PER CREATOR off of the price you would pay at general signings for a total potential savings of $270.

PLEASE NOTE: Witnessing for CGC Signature Series grading will be offered at both VIP Meet & Greets and at general signings on the show floor. Each autograph for signature series grading has a $15 fee which does NOT include the cost of grading and encapsulating the book. The cost through CGC is about $55 per book for grading/encapsulating/shipping/insurance.

This VIP Meet and Greet will last 1 ½ to 2 hours. PLEASE NOTE: This VIP M&G DOES NOT include admission to the convention. An admission valid on the day of your meet and greet must be purchased. Either a one day admission for either Friday or Saturday, as appropriate, a 3-Day admission, a Fast Pass admission or other valid admission for that day. The admission will have a separate credential, which must be worn. Location of the M&Gs will be announced in advance on the web-site and sent to buyers, as well as posted at the show. Watch the web-site and social media for any updates or changes, plus we will e-mail any changes to the e-mail provided with the purchase. PLEASE NOTE: The time of the M&Gs could change, however, we will make every effort to have little or no change to the time.

Scott Snyder Biography

SCOTT SNYDER is an American comic writer working for DC Comics. His most notable contributions have shaped the mythology of its iconic character, Batman. He is well known for his work on titles such as Batman, All Star Batman, American Vampire, Swamp Thing, Superman Unchained, Severed, Wytches, and The Wake. His works such as Court of Owls have reached the New York Times Bestseller List. Scott has also collaborated with top creators in the industry on creator-owned comics Wytches and After Death at Image Comics. He’s also one of comics’ most influential writers guiding the next generation of writers through teaching at the DC Comics Writers Workshop. Currently, Scott is in the middle of writing DC Comics largest scale Batman event to date, Dark Knights: Metal with PCKC guests Greg Capullor and Jonathan Glapion.

Find Scott Snyder on social media at

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