JP Roth

Author and creator of Mythological Tales, Love Stories, Sci-Fi, Fiction and more

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JP Roth is a writer, artist and entrepreneur who has been freelance writing for the last 10 years. On the initial launch of her flagship series Ancient Dreams, she immediately became a convention favorite.

Her subsequent series are heavily based in all realms of Lore. As a Mythology major, JP Roth sticks very strictly to actual mythos, with her stories intertwined.

In 2012 she hit the scene as a self-published author launching her own model of comics and has since sold over 200,000 Rothic Novels at conventions across the globe.

Notable artist who have contributed to her work are: J. Scott Campbell, Eric “Ebas” Basaldua, Nei Ruffino, Ale Garza, Dawn McTeigue, Mike Krome, Sabine Rich, Ula Moss, Paolo Pantanela and Peter Steigerwald.

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