Rosanna Rocha

Cosplayer, Artist, Writer, Model and Dogmom!

Appearing all 3 days!
Booth C64

Rosanna Rocha is a cosplayer from Arizona. She has been cosplaying since 2010, and has learned a lot in her journey. She began cosplay by becoming a very active member in charity cosplay groups around Arizona. She attended many charity events aimed at children and was able to meet other people that took an interest in costuming. She expanded her name and reach by attending various cons on the west coast. Cosplay took over her life in 2012 when she decided to make costumes, attend conventions full time, and make it her career by starting her own business. After building a heavy portfolio and fanbase on the internet she traveled heavily for months at a time all across the US and in Mexico as a cosplayer at conventions. It was not just a hobby of crafting, but a business and a means for financial support. The best part about it all was the joy of meeting people who appreciated the art of cosplay. Costumes can take months and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to create so anyone who understands the labor in the art is remarkable. Rosanna has worked with various other cosplayers/artists on projects/collaborations, and found a joy in making friends along the way. She believes there’s no limit in cosplay and in the different paths it can take you. She is currently working on a new project to change things up a bit (vauge, yes we know). She believes it’s important to stay humble and never forget all the people who have supported her cosplay over the years-big or small. Rosanna has never been to Kansas City and is very excited to meet some new faces, attend a new convention, and see a new city.

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Bartle Hall, 301 W. 13th St
Kansas City, MO 64105
Fri, Mar 29, Noon - 7pm
Sat, Mar 30, 10AM - 7pm
Sun, Mar 31, 10AM - 5pm

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