Cosplay Showcase

Our Featured Guest Cosplayers

*Guests scheduled to attend all 3 days, unless noted differently.

Jessica Nigri

Professional Cosplayer, RWBY

Kamui Cosplay

Cosplay, costume designer, video creator Sat & Sun

Calen Hoffman / PROPCUSTOMZ

Professional costume & prop builder

SKS Props

Costume and Prop Builder - Winner of TwitchCon & Syfy's Cosplay Melee

Iron Brothers of Topeka

A Topeka family bringing cosplay excellence to PCKC!

Our Guest Cosplayers

April Gloria


Oh My Sophii

Cosplayer/Creator/Model/Social Media Guru

AZ Powergirl

Cosplayer, Costume Designer, Model, Comic Book Writer


Cosplayer. Model. Nerd.

Missy Mayhem

Cosplayer, wrestler, viral-content creator

Christina Dark

Professional cosplayer

Alkali Layke

Cosplayer/Twitch Streamer/Makeup Artist

501st Legion

Star Wars Costuming Group

The Rebel Legion

Star Wars Costuming Group

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club

Star Wars Costuming Group

The Dark Empire

Star Wars Costuming Group

Saber Guild

Star Wars Costuming Group

KCR2 Builders Club

Star Wars Costuming Group

The KC Predators Costuming Group

Predator Costuming Group

Another Castle Creations

Kansas City Costuming Group

The 234th Tigerhawk Garrison

GI Joe Costuming Group

The Kansas City Potterheads

Harry Potter Costuming Group

USS Valiant

Star Trek Costuming Group

KC Cosplay and Photography

Cosplay Social Group

Midland Empire Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Costuming Group Booth C15

The Fellowship Cosplay Group

Lord of the Rings Costuming Group

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson - Cosplayer and Dragon maker!

Cheeky Cheetah Cosplay

Cosplayer and 2019 Cosplay Contest Judge

Team Whatever Cosplay

Cosplay Team - Judges for the 2019 PCKC Cosplay Contest

Orangegofish Cosplay

Cosplayer and Judge for this year's PCKC Cosplay Contest

Check back often. We have more to announce soon!

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When & Where is Planet Comicon KC

Bartle Hall, 301 W. 13th St
Kansas City, MO 64105
Fri, Mar 29, 1PM - 8pm
Sat, Mar 30, 10AM - 7pm
Sun, Mar 31, 10AM - 5pm

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