Michael Jones

RWBY, Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Lazer Team

Appearing all 3 days!
Welcome Michael Jones to the guest roster of Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018. Kara will appear at the show on all three days!!

PCKC 2018 hosts the FULL name cast, plus more, of the hit Rooster Teeth anime series, RWBY! Michael joins his cast-mates Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Barbara Dunkelman and Elizabeth Maxwell. This is a great opportunity to meet this amazing cast and it is the largest gathering to date of RWBY cast members at an event other than an official Rooster Teeth event!

Michael Jone's pricing is as follows:
Autographs - $20
Table Photo Op with fan’s camera - $20
Professional Combo Photo Op - $80
This photo op includes SIX RWBY actors with YOU in ONE photo
The combo includes:
Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech,
Barbara Dunkelman, Elizabeth Maxwell and Michael Jones

Michael Jones is an American actor and voice actor, podcast host and internet personality who is known for his work with Rooster Teeth’s gameplay division Achievement Hunter. He joins his wife, Lindsay Jones , at PCKC 2018, who is the lead voice in RWBY and also a Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter.

Michael Jones has worked extensively with Rooster Teeth. In addition to voicing Sun on RWBY, he has also starred in Immersion, and voices Max in Camp Camp. He starred in Rooster Teeth’s science fiction action comedy film Lazer Team, released in 2016, as well as it’s sequel, Lazer Team 2, the following year.

His work outside of Rooster Teeth includes voicing Sing Eucliffe in Fairy Tail, Dogra in One Piece, Rapture in Ninja Slayer From Animation, and Gen in World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman.

He joins his RWBY cast-mates, including the full name cast – Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, and Barbara Dunkelman, as well as Elizabeth Maxwell.

Michael Jones may be found on social media at TWITTER: @AH_Michael IG: @AH_MichaelJones

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