Lori Petty

Tank Girl, Orange is the New Black, Star Trek: Voyager

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Lori Petty is best known for playing Tyler Endicott in the film Point Break (1991), Kit Keller in A League of Their Own (1992), and the titular role in Tank Girl (1995).

When her appearance in the 1992 women’s baseball comedy drama, A League of Their Own, found Petty practically stealing the limelight from such screen heavies as Madonna and Geena Davis, casting agents took notice, and she subsequently landed roles in such high-profile releases as Free Willy (1993), Poetic Justice (1993), and the Pauly Shore comedy, In the Army Now (1994). Petty’s solid dramatic performance as a lone female cop in the thriller, The Glass Shield (1994), earned her kudos from the critics.

Lori then found her true calling as the bizarre cartoon-comic book heroine Tank Girl (1995), which was billed as a “post-apocalyptic comedy.” The crop-haired, tough-as-nails actress has been taking it to the limit ever since!

In 1999, Petty portrayed “Noss” on the popular TV series, Star Trek: Voyager. Petty is also known for providing the voice of the supervillain “Livewire” on the Warner Bros. DC Comics cartoon series Superman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.

She co-starred with Gina Gershon and Drea DeMateo as a member of a punk rock band in Prey For Rock & Roll (2003).

Last April, Lori had a guest star role on the highly popular Gotham TV series. Her character, Jeri, had the face paint of The Joker and the clothes of Harley Quinn.

Currently, Lori stars as “Lolly” on the highly acclaimed Netflix TV series Orange is the New Black.

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