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PROFESSIONAL PHOTO OPS: Planet Comicon also offers professional photo ops of each celebrity, and many combinations of celebrities, with fans. These are 8 x 10 photographs of the fan or fans with a particular celebrity or group of celebrities. These are taken in a Photograhy Area located just adjacent to and behind the celebrity area at the back of the exhibit hall. These opportunities will be available on a pretty strict schedule, which schedule will be posted soon to the web-site. Prices for these photo ops will vary by celebrity and most, if not all, basic prices will be posted to this site. These professional photo ops are generally priced from about $30 to $80 for a single celebrity photo op, with higher pricing for some celebrities and for multiple celebrities in a photograph. Advance purchase of these photo ops are now available.

EPIC PHOTO OPS accepts only cash for on-site sales of photo opportunities. Keep this in mind when planning your visit to Planet Comicon Kansas City. There will be numerous ATMs on site for your convenience. If you wish to purchase your professional photo opportunities using a credit card, you need to purchase these in advance.

We are pleased this year to have EPIC PHOTO OPS doing our professional photography at Planet Comicon Kansas City.