Celebrity Autographs and Photos

Pricing and Schedules

While we make every effort to provide accurate information, all pricing is subject to change at any time. Prices posted at the event take precedence over published information. “NA” indicates information not available.

  • Autograph prices are for autographs on photo provided by the celebrity or fan-provided item.
  • Professional photo op prices are of fan with one celebrity. (Group celebrity photos are available. Prices will vary by combination.)
Celebrity Guest Autograph Professional Photo-Op
Signed photo provided by the celebrity or fan-provided item. Professional portrait of fan with one celebrity.
(Group celebrity photos . Prices
will vary by combination.)
Celebrity Guest Autograph Price Professional Photo-Op Price
American Pie (Shannon Elizabeth and Tara Reid) $90.00   Order Now
Arrow (Barrowman and Amell) $140   Order Now
Stephen Amell $60.00 $80.00   Order Now
Carole Barrowman $20.00 $30.00   Order Now
John Barrowman $40.00 $60.00   Order Now
Jim Beaver $40.00 $50.00   Order Now
Emma Caulfield TBD $40.00   Order Now
Felicia Day $40.00 $50.00   Order Now
John DiMaggio $30.00 $40.00   Order Now
DMC TBD $40.00   Order Now
Kevin Eastman First free plus $20 for each add’l $30.00   Order Now
Kara Eberle $20.00 $40.00   Order Now
Shannon Elizabeth $40.00 $50.00   Order Now
Ric Flair $50.00 $60.00   Order Now
Maggie Geha $40.00 $40.00   Order Now
Summer Glau $40.00 $60.00   Order Now
Jason Isaacs $50.00 $60.00   Order Now
Bret Iwan $30.00 $45.00   Order Now
Adelaide Kane $40.00 $50.00   Order Now
Tom Kane TBD TBD
Clare Kramer TBD TBD
Jerry Lawler TBD NA
Elizabeth Maxwell $20.00 $40.00   Order Now
Jessica Nigri TBD $30.00   Order Now
Zoe Palmer $40.00 $40.00   Order Now
Ron Perlman $55.00 $65.00   Order Now
Billie Piper $60.00 $60.00   Order Now
Tara Reid $40.00 $50.00   Order Now
Michael Rowe $30.00 $40.00   Order Now
Allison Scagliotti TBD $40.00   Order Now
Teddy Sears $40.00 $40.00   Order Now
Anna Silk $40.00 $50.00 Order Now
Rachel Skarsten $40.00 $40.00 Order Now
Catherine Tate $40.00 $60.00   Order Now
Emmanuelle Vaugier $40.00 $40.00   Order Now
Wil Wheaton $40.00 $50.00   Order Now
Spencer Wilding $40.00 $60.00   Order Now
Arryn Zech $20.00 $40.00   Order Now

About Celebrity Autographs and Photos

We are very excited this year to have so many wonderful celebrity guests attending Planet Comicon. We would like to provide you with a little information on how the celebrity area operates.

The various celebrities are all attending Planet Comicon to meet and greet their fans, to sign autographs, to pose for pictures and, with few exceptions, to take part in panel programming during which celebrities will appear on stage.  We discuss each aspect of this, below. Each celebrity will have a booth in the celebrity area of the Exhibit Hall.  The celebrity booth area will be well marked on all maps and will be located towards the back of the Exhibit Hall from the entrance.  For those familiar with Bartle Hall, the celebrities will be located in Hall E. There will be a large, overhead sign designating this general are of the room.  Please do not take any picture of any of the celebrities without the individual celebrities express permission.

CELEBRITY AUTOGRAPHS: Each celebrity will spend most of their appearance time at Planet Comicon at their booth in the celebrity area. It is during this time, at their booths, that each celebrity will sign autographs. Some celebrities will be at their booth most open hours of the show, with the exception of personal breaks. Some will have specific times they will appear at their booth. Several celebrities will not be at the show on Friday. Some will leave early on Sunday to catch flights. For those celebrities who have limited signing times, we will attempt to announce specific times when celebrities will be at their booth. We hope to announce this information on this site and in the program book. All times are subject to change.

This is also one opportunity to obtain a photograph with a celebrity, at least for some of the celebrities. This is discussed more, below.

AUTOGRAPH FEES: There is a fee for autographs from all celebrities. The fees are set by the celebrity and vary, celebrity to celebrity. Basic pricing will be posted to this site before the event and some autograph tickets might be offered for sale in advance on this site. The price of an autograph ranges, generally, from about $20 to about $80 with most in the $30 to $50 range. Most celebrities will allow the fan to take a picture, using the fans camera, of the celebrity signing the particular item the fan is purchasing. Some may not, but most will allow it.

Most celebrities will accept ONLY cash for purchases at their booth. Keep this in mind when preparing for the show. It is always good to have a lot of cash available if you are interested in autographs. Some celebrities will accept credit cards. There will be ATM machines on site, which should help if fans require additional cash for purchases.

What the celebrity will autograph

CELEBRITY PROVIDED ITEMS:  Each celebrity will have a selection of photographs, generally 8 x 10, available to sign. These photographs are generally (again, with few exceptions) included FREE with the purchase of the autograph.  The celebrity may have additional items for sale, as well.  This might include different sized photos that have an additional cost, action figures, scripts, books, DVDs or other items of interest relating to that particular celebrity.  Prices will vary on these items.

FAN PROVIDED ITEMS:  Fans may bring items to be signed.  The cost of having a fan provided item autographed is generally the same as the cost of purchasing a basic autographed 8×10 photo from that celebrity.  Each celebrity makes the decision whether he or she will autograph a fan provided item.  All celebrities reserve the right to refuse to sign an item if, for any reason, they deem it inappropriate. This rarely happens, but it has been known to happen, so we like to mention it.

MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS ON A GIVEN ITEM:  There are many opportunities for multiple autographs on a single photograph.   There is a fee for each autograph in these instances – generally the basic fee each  celebrity charges for an autographed 8×10.

Celebrity Photograph Opportunities

There are generally two options for fans to obtain a photograph of the fan (or fans) with the celebrity guests.  We refer to these as “photo ops”.  1) photo ops at each celebrities booth using the fans camera and 2) professional photo ops that are offered in a photography area adjacent to the celebrity area.

BOOTH PHOTO OPS: Most, though not all, celebrities will provide the opportunity for photos at their booth, posing with the fan. Most celebrities will have a fee for this booth photo op. Some celebrities will also have a package price for the combination of an autograph and booth photo op.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTO OPS:  Planet Comicon also offers professional photo ops of each celebrity, and many combinations of celebrities, with fans.  These are 8 x 10 photographs of the fan or fans with a particular celebrity or group of celebrities.  These are taken in a Photograhy Area located just adjacent to and behind the celebrity area at the back of the exhibit hall.  These opportunities will be available on a pretty strict schedule, which schedule will be posted soon to the web-site.  Prices for these photo ops will vary by celebrity and most, if not all, basic prices will be posted to this site.  These professional photo ops are generally priced from about $30 to $80 for a single celebrity photo op, with higher pricing for some celebrities and for multiple celebrities in a photograph.  Advance purchase of these photo ops are now available.

EPIC PHOTO OPS accepts only cash for on-site sales of photo opportunities. Keep this in mind when planning your visit to Planet Comicon Kansas City. There will be numerous ATMs on site for your convenience. If you wish to purchase your professional photo opportunities using a credit card, you need to purchase these in advance.

We are pleased this year to have EPIC PHOTO OPS doing our professional photography at Planet Comicon Kansas City.

WE DO NOT ALLOW GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE CELEBRITY AREA: While we encourage fans to take photographs in almost every area of the convention, we do not allow general photography in the celebrity area. For instance, there is no photography of a celebrity sitting at their table taken when you are in the aisle 20’ away. In the Celebrity Row area of the Exhibit Hall, please do not take photographs of celebrities without specific and express permission of that celebrity. This includes both still and video photography. (See Celebrity Photo Op information above.)


Celebrity Panel/Stage Presentations

Most, maybe all, of the celebrities will take part in a panel presentation, on stage, during Planet Comicon.  Some panels will have one celebrity and others will include a group of celebrities.  These panels generally last about 50 minutes. These presentations may include the celebrity giving a little background on his/her career, telling interesting stories, discussing upcoming projects or an endless variety of other possible topics.  Each panel generally also includes a question and answer session.  A schedule of these panels will be posted to the web-site and will be available in the program book. It will also be posted at several locations around the convention.

Autographs are not allowed at these panel presentations.  Photographs of the fan with the celebrity are not allowed at these panel presentations. Sometimes fans can take photographs from the audience. This will be announced for each celebrity or a general policy will be announced in advance.  Sometimes photography for the first few minutes will be allowed and then stopped for the remainder of a given presentation.  It depends on the celebrity’s preferences.

Many of the celebrity panel presentations will be hosted by actress Clare Kramer of GeekNation.