Elite Supergirl

Cosplayer When Elite Supergirl was a little girl, she loved cartoons and superheroes. She would run around with the guys in her neighborhood acting like a ninja turtle or a G.I. Joe. She she got a little older, she didn’t really have anyone who enjoyed the same things, so she got away from it. Once […]


Oh My Sophii

Cosplay guest, contest judge, correspondent Sophii, previously part of Ultra Girls Cosplay, is a cosplayer out of Kansas who has been doing it since 2009, but turned professional in 2014. Since then, she’s had the pleasure of earning spots as cosplay guest, contest judge, correspondent and more at conventions and events across the country. Giving […]


John DiMaggio

Voiceover legend Saturday and Sunday only John DiMaggio is an American actor, voice artist and comedian, known for his role as Bender on Futurama, as well as playing such roles as Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War franchise, Dr. Drakken in Kim Possible, and Niblet on Pound Puppies. Other voiceover roles of his include Motor Ed on Kim […]


Korso the Magician

Illusionist Join Korso as he wows you with his hilarious comedy and grand illusions. Korso claims to be a descendant of the Zatara family, and he’ll try to prove it to you with help from his assistant, Zatanna. Watch and be amazed as objects appear and vanish, and things change shape before your very eyes. […]


Calen Hoffman

Cosplayer Propcustomz, the cosplaying name for Calen Hoffman, has been making things ever since he could remember, and always loved it. He would get in trouble in grade school for not paying attention and making things from various school supplies inside his desk. It always was pretty clear to him what his calling was, and […]


The Wallace Wood Estate

For the legendary cartoonist Since the passing of the legendary cartoonist, illustrator, author, musician and graphic novelist Wallace “Wally” wood just after Halloween in 1981, the Wallace Wood Estate has been managed in keeping with the artist’s will. The executor, who was chosen by Wood himself, enlisted long-time Wood associate Bill Pearson as director of […]


Jeff Budnick

Picture car coordinator for Supernatural Sunday only Jeff Budnick has been handling picture cars for film for more than 20 years, and rents his 100-plus picture cars to productions through his company, Vancouver Movie Motion Inc. The productions have numbered well into the hundreds, including numerous television shows such as Supernatural, The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, Life as We Know It, Alaska […]

Abby Dark-Star and Zen Dragon

Cosplay Duo Keith and Abby, known as Zen Dragon and Abby Dark-Star, are a cosplay couple located in San Francisco. They were brought together by their love of cosplay, community and all things geeky. Buoyed by a sense of humor, tenacity and a desire to make the imaginary reality, this husband and wife team has […]


Ale Garza

Comic creator Ale Garza began working in comics at 19 for Wildstorm Studios, where he created titles like Ninja Boy and Skye Runner. He’s also had runs on Gen-13, Teen Titans, Batgirl and Supergirl for DC Comics. Other notable works include cover arts for Dejah Thoris and Vampirella. He also worked on the New York Times best-seller Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi with Anthony […]



Top Cow Eric “Ebas” Basaldua began working at Top Cow in 2000 under the direct tutelage of Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri. He has since become one of the “top guns” at Top Cow, most recently drawing first issue exclusives DC’s Rebirth #1 for JLA, Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad. A self-professed thong lover, Ebas is known for his depictions […]


Allison Scagliotti

Star of Drake & Josh and Warehouse 13 Saturday and Sunday only Throughout her career, Allison Scagliotti has had various television roles, including appearances in One Tree Hill, CSI and Zoey 101. Scagliotti also had a recurring role on Drake & Josh, appearing in seven episodes between 2004 and 2008. She reprised her Drake & Josh role in the later spin-off movie, Merry […]


Clare Kramer

Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Courtney from Bring It On Clare Kramer is an award-winning actress, entertainment correspondent and pop culture authority, whose career has taken her from the role of vengeful goddess Glory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer to launching her own pop culture website, GeekNation. In the coming year, Kramer can be seen starring in […]