Dan DiDio

Of DC Entertainment As publisher, Dan DiDio directs and oversees DC Entertainment’s publishing business under its key three imprints – DC, Vertigo and Mad – in both print and digital formats, working alongside DCE’s editorial, art and design, production, business development and sales groups. The publishers also work in concert with DCE’s creative affairs and […]


Spencer Wilding

Darth Vader from Rogue One Spencer Wilding is an actor, martial arts and specialist in creating memorable creature performances for some of the biggest movies around, including Rogue One where he plays Darth Vader. Since he was a child, Wilding always had dreamed of becoming an actor. Lacking any clear route toward his ambition, and growing to […]


Rachel Skarsten

From Lost Girl Rachel Skarsten was born in Toronto to parents Dr. Stan Skarsten and Mary Self Skarsten. Growing up, she danced ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance, as well as playing high-level ice hockey as a goaltender. Skarsten attended the prestigious Claude Watson School for the Arts from grades four through 12, majoring in […]


Catherine Tate

Donna Noble from Doctor Who Saturday and Sunday only Actor and writer Catherine Tate is well-known in the United Kingdom and internationally for a diversity of work in television, film, and on the stage – in particular, for her own creation, the award-winning The Catherine Tate Show. She made her first appearance in Doctor Who as jilted bride […]


Larissa Paige

Cosplayer Larissa Paige is a professional cosplayer from Salt Lake City. She has been cosplaying for more than three years, and won several awards for costume designs. Paige also produced, judged and executed the cosplay content for the Salt Lake City Comic Con. She had been featured in many shows around the country as well […]


Cosplayers IBOT is better known as the Iron Brothers of Topeka. They are three brothers who bring fantasy to reality with their large, wearable sculptures. Although they have full-time jobs, children and family lives, IBOT finds time to imagine, build and share their creations. Chris, the perfectionist and youngest brother, came up through the ranks […]


Tony Ackerman

Cosplayer Tony Ackerman first got into making costumes 15 years ago. Back then he made a Predator costume, winning first prize in his very first contest. After that, he began the long journey of learning how to make high-quality costumes and prop pieces. He started posting his works on forums, and received a lot of […]


Jennifer Van Damsel

Cosplayer Jennifer Van Damsel is a cosplayer from Houston, most known for her Supergirl and Cammy White. Over the last five years, she has taught herself to sew in order to create costumes from all genres – comics, videogames, anime and horror, to name a few. Before she became a full-time professional cosplayer, Van Damsel […]


Lady Kate

Cosplayer Lady Kate began cosplaying in 2013, starting at local conventions in her hometown in central Arkansas. She has been in attendance at more than 30 conventions across the south. Being a cosplay guest at several events, Lady Kate has built costumes from nearly every genre – Always seeking to build bigger and more elaborate […]


Pros and Cons

Cosplayers Pros and Cons Cosplay is made up of twin sisters from Kansas City, who began cosplaying way back in 2005. They started competing in 2008, winning a number of awards along the way for craftsmanship and runway performances. In conjunction with creating their own cosplays, they also sport a healthy passion for social justice […]



Cosplayer Chroma is a Kansas City-based costume and fashion designer. Since early childhood, she has had a passion for sci-fi, anime and videogames, which largely shaped her imagination and creative influence today. Her cosplay adventures started in 2011, and after creating her first costume, she realized garment construction perfectly encompassed all of her scattered creative talents. […]



of DoodleSpork Cosplay Sloane is an all-around geek who has been cosplaying for seven years. She focuses on young, strong female characters from Disney, comic books, movies and videogames. The most rewarding aspect of cosplay for her is the opportunity to use her cosplay for charitable and non-profit causes, and to bring smiles to kids’ […]