Detective Comics #1000 Variant Cover and Doug Mahnke Meet & Greet!

A Planet Comicon Kansas City Exclusive: Detective Comics #1000 Variant Cover and Doug Mahnke Meet & Greet!

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Please NOTE: The time and place of the VIP Meet & Greet is now SET! It will be held on Saturday Marcy 30 at 5:30 PM in Room 2501D (Just down the hall from the Grand Ballroom) See below for details about the Meet & Greet

In celebration of Doug Mahnke’s rare convention appearance and the historic release of Detective Comics #1000 only two days before our epic 20th anniversary event, we are thrilled to provide two very special opportunities to our attendees.

First,PCKC is offering an exclusive cover variant edition of Detective Comics #1000 with cover art by Doug Mahnke. Doug is the designer of the Arkham Knight for the DC continuity and Detective Comics #1000 features the DEBUT of the Arkham Knight; This makes the PCKC exclusive all that much more collectible, as the Mahnke version is the only Detective #1000 cover variant to feature the Arkham Knight!

There will be two exclusive variants featuring the Doug Manke art. The first version, EXCLUSIVE to Planet Comicon Kansas City, will be the Detective Comics #1000 trade dress edition, featuring the Detective Comics logo on the front and the PCKC logo on the back. It is limited to 2500 copies. The second version will be the “virgin” variant and will be a Doug Mahnke Exclusive Tour Book. The virgin variant features the Doug Mahnke Exclusive Logo on the back and is limited to 1000 copies. Both covers are shown here.

The PCKC exclusive trade dress edition will be offered for purchase at Planet Comicon Kansas City and will be included as part of the Doug Mahnke Meet & Greet Package. Both versions will be available at the Doug Mahnke booth. The PCKC trade dress edition is also available at the PCKC merchandise booth. Both books will have a limited number available each day. Detective #1000 will be released on the Wednesday before PCKC 2019. The Mahnke variants will be first available ONLY at Planet Comicon Kansas City.

Secondwe are offering an incredible opportunity for a Doug Mahnke VIP Meet & Greet. You will be able to attend a private panel, get an autographed copy of the Arkham Knight PCKC exclusive “trade dress” cover variant of Detective Comics #1000. In addition, you will get a load of extras!



Purchase your VIP Package now by clicking here!

PLEASE NOTE:This VIP Meet and Greet will last 1 to 2 hours, beginning at 5:30 PM on Saturday March 30. It will be held on Room 2501D (just down the hall from the Grand Ballroom). The VIP Meet & Greet DOES NOT include admission to the convention. An admission valid on Saturday March 30 MUST also be purchased, which may be a Saturday one-day admission, a 3-Day admission or Fast Pass. The admission will have a separate credential, which must also be worn. Watch the web-site and social media for any updates or changes, plus we will e-mail any changes to the e-mail provided with the purchase.

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