Admissions to Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018


All advance purchase admissions to Planet Comicon 2018 are Memberships which include
1) purchaser’s admission credential for the event
2) a subscription to the Planet Comicon newsletter which purchaser shall receive at intervals throughout the year
3) the ability to attend certain off-site events during Planet Comicon. These may also require a separate ticket. Details will be posted to the Planet Comicon website. There may be other events scheduled during the year that are also available only to those who have purchased memberships.

Your advance purchase MUST be redeemed for an admission credential on site at the Advance Purchase and Will Call booths in the entry area. These booths will be in the 2200 Lobby of Bartle Hall, which is located on the South side of 13th Street between Broadway and Central. The Advance Admission and Will Call area will be clearly marked. Your Membership MAY NOT be redeemed at the On-Site purchase Box Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Fast Pass Memberships are available in advance ONLY and will not be available for purchase On Site on the days of the show. Quantities are limited.

Admissions to Planet Comicon Kansas City may be purchased ON SITE, on the days of the show, at the Box office. The Box office will be located in the 2100 Lobby of Bartle Hall, which is located on the North side of 13th Street, between Broadway and Central. The Box Office accepts cash and some credit and debit cards. Purchasers will be provided with an admission credential, generally a wrist band, which may not be removed during the period of its use. The wrist bands are durable.

Memberships purchased in advance and admissions purchased On Site to this event are NON-REFUNDABLE unless the event (the total event) is cancelled. Memberships are not transferrable once redeemed for the admission credential. They may be transferred to someone else prior to redemption for an admission credential. If the admission credential is, or includes, a wrist-band, the wrist-band must be attached and cannot be removed during the period of its use. The wrist-bands are durable.

Memberships are NOT refundable due to cancellation of the appearance of any particular guest or combination of guests. Planet Comicon Kansas City has a history of very few guest cancellations, however any guest may cancel at any time due to a personal or professional conflict. We will announce any cancellations promptly on our website and in our social media. If you are attending to meet a particular guest or combination of guests, we suggest you DO NOT purchase your admission in advance. If that guest or those guests cancel, your admission is NOT refundable. Admissions are expected to be available at the Box off on site throughout the event. We do not anticipate that the facility will reach capacity, which is quite large, though it could happen.

Some celebrities appear at Planet Comicon Kansas City only on certain days. Schedules for celebrity guests will be posted when that information is available. Most celebrities will appear on Saturday and Sunday. Some may not attend on Friday. A few may be one-day only. See celebrity guest page for changes and information.

The admission credential to Planet Comicon Kansas City includes, at no extra cost, admission to most (maybe all) panels and presentations at the event. An admission credential to Planet Comicon Kansas City does not, however, guarantee admission to a given panel or presentation. Some panels may reach capacity and in that event some fans may be denied entry to a given panel. We do not clear the rooms between panels. Panels admission is included with no additional charge, with the exception of some panels that may be separate paid panels involving a special guest or group of guests, or possibly a workshop. If there are any panels or workshops requiring an additional admission fee these will be clearly noted on the web-site and at the convention. This is not common, but it can happen.

Admissions to Planet Comicon Kansas City are NON-TRANSFERABLE once redeemed for the admission credential. Each admission credential is for ONE person only.

Memberships may be upgraded easily on the admission purchase page (see link) to any higher priced product at an additional cost. For instance, if you purchase a Membership with Friday admission, this may be upgraded to a Membership with Saturday, Sunday or 3-day admission. If you purchase a Membership with Sunday admission, it may be upgraded to a Membership with Saturday or 3-day admission.

Additional special event or workshops may be offered. These may require a separate ticket. These could involve celebrity guests or creator guests. Also, autograph and photo-opportunity tickets may be offered in advance. These various tickets which are guest specific will not include an admission credential. If the particular guest for which these tickets apply does not appear, these tickets will be refundable. Additional details will be posted to the Planet Comicon Kansas City web-site on a case by case basis.


Purchase, acceptance and use of this Membership signifies the following:
1) admission credentials cannot be replaced if stolen, lost or destroyed, and a credential is valid only for the day or days for which it is issued.
2) admission credentials are not transferable and are not redeemable for cash. If a credential includes a wrist band, the wrist band may not be removed during its period of use.
3) reproduction of event credential is not permitted.
4) once a Membership has been redeemed for an admission credential, that admission credential may not be sold.
5) unauthorized or unlawful resale or attempted resale of admission credentials is prohibited by law and grounds for seizure without compensation.
6) management reserves the right to revoke or refuse admission, or to eject any person, who fails to comply with the rules of the show/venue, and all applicable laws, without refund.
7) NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES of Membership purchases, except exchanges as provided through our system of upgrading a Membership.
8) admission credential holder assumes all risk and danger of personal injury, damage to property, including death, and all other hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the event for which the credential is issued, caused by negligence, gross negligence or otherwise, and the holder releases Planet Comicon, its owner, employees agents and assigns, from any and all liabilities/claims resulting from such risks, danger, damage, injury or death.
9) admission credential holder consents to use of his/her image or likeness by media now known or hereafter devised, for advertising, sale and/or other promotional purposes.
10) admission credential holder agrees not to take photographs or video where posted as prohibited.
11) please note that Planet Comicon Kansas City is a zero tolerance zone for harassment.

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Fri, Feb 16, Noon - 7pm
Sat, Feb 17, 10AM - 7pm
Sun, Feb 18, 10AM - 5pm

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