Autograph/Photo Op Price Chart

PLEASE NOTE: The chart below is simply pricing for celebrity autograph and professional photo opportunities and this tab is provided for quicker access to that chart.

If you are not already very familiar with how the celebrity autograph and photo opportunity areas are set up and operate at an event of such as Planet Comicon Kansas City, extensive information is available on the Autograph and Photo Info page found under the Autographs/PhotoOps button on the Navigation bar (link below). We STRONGLY urge you to read the information on that page unless you already know how this process works.

More Extensive Info regarding Autograph and Photo Op process at Planet Comicon KC HERE


Combo photo ops with multiple celebrities in one picture are at the bottom of the chart below

More celebrities will be added to the chart as they are announced!

Celebrity Autograph Professional
Photo Op
Alice Cooper $60 $80
Callison, Zach $40 N/A
Conroy, Kevin $40 $40
Cooper, Alice $60 $80
Cummings, Jim TBD N/A
Cusack, John $80 $100
Dumas, Amy (LITA) $40 $50
Dunkelman, Barbara $20 SEE COMBO BELOW
Eberle, Kara $20 SEE COMBO BELOW
Flynn, Jerome $60 $60
Frank, Jason David TBD $45
Friedle, Will $40 $40
Harnell, Jess $30 N/A
Hurst, Ryan $50 $60
Johnson, Amy Jo $50 $50
Jones, Lindsay $20 SEE COMBO BELOW
Jones, Michael $20 SEE COMBO BELOW
Kane, Tom TBD TBD
Karbowski, Brittney TBD TBD
Klementieff, Pom $45 $50
Kramer, Clare $40 N/A
LaMarche, Maurice $30 N/A
Lewis, Matthew $50 $70
Martin-Green, Sonequa $60 $60
Martinet, Charles $30 N/A
Maxwell, Elizabeth $20 SEE COMBO BELOW
Momoa, Jason $80 $100
Paulsen, Rob $30 N/A
Payton, Khary $60 $60
Rooker, Michael $60 $70
Sabat, Chris $30 N/A
Schemmel, Sean $30 N/A
Sheppard, Mark $50 $70
(Photo Op in Face-Paint)
$60 $80
Stratus, Trish $40 $50
Trejo, Danny $50 $65
Tudyk, Alan $50 $70
Zech, Arryn $20 SEE COMBO BELOW
Combo Photo Ops Celebs in Combo Combo Prices
TeamUp – Animaniacs Maurice LaMarche
Jess Harnell
Rob Paulsen
TeamUp – Batman Animated Kevin Conroy
Will Friedle
Guardians of the Galaxy Michael Rooker
Pom Klementieff
TeamUp –Pinky & the Brain Maurice LaMarche
Rob Paulsen
Power Rangers Combo Jason David Frank
Amy Jo Johnson
RWBY Cast Combo
SIX cast members!!
Lindsay & Michael Jones
Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech
Barbara Dunkelman
Elizabeth Maxwell
Team Bestie Combo Amy Dumas “Lita” &
Trish Stratus
Walking Dead Combo Khary Payton
Sonequa Martin-Green

ORDER YOUR JASON MOMOA VIP Packages, individual autographs and individual photo ops at the links below!

You may purchase the Jason Momoa VIP Autograph and Photo Op package here:
Jason Momoa VIP Autograph and Photo Op Package

If you do not wish to purchase the VIP Autograph and Photo Op package, you may purchase individual autographs here:
Jason Momoa Individual autographs

If you do not wish to purchase the VIP Autograph and Photo Op package, you may purchase individual professional photo ops here:
Jason Momoa Individual photo ops

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to have picture with Mr. Momoa, you must purchase a professional photo op. He will not be doing photographs with fans during his signings (Table Photo ops). Each professional photo op with Mr. Momoa may have Mr. Momoa and up to two other people in the photo op. Professional photo ops are through Epic Photo Ops. (Generally professional photo ops, other than Mr. Momoa, will allow for up to 4 people with the given celebrity or celebrity.)

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